Dear Students!!
Welcome to the Student Outreach Committee (SOC) of the South Asian Chapter of ACCP. We are honored to serve as your Co- Chair’s for this student centric committee, which has been focusing towards arranging various activities, which would help students, achieve their professional goals.
We have been able to get a tremendous response from the students (Pharmacology, medical and basic sciences) from across the country through their research display through the presentations during poster and oral sessions..
We are going to pursue our goal to initiate further student-specific events at the annual meeting and more interactive opportunities for the students. This may include a specific student symposium at the next annual SAC-ACCP meeting in which students would present their perspective on how research and development in the country can be further strengthened to produce better discoveries and new innovative approaches are adapted in research colleges/institutes. We are also contemplating to start a student newsletter in the coming years..
We are thankful for the great opportunities and support we are receiving from the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, and this chapter and with excitement we are looking forward to extending the services and events of the SOC with the objective of providing opportunities for excellence for the students of the South Asia region..
We are committed to serve your needs, so please feel free to write to us about your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can serve you better to polish your professional development. We look forward to your constant involvement and support to make this initiative a success..
We would like to wish you all a successful year with a very promising research output and looking forward to meet with you in the coming annual conference in April 2015..
Chair- Student Outreach Committee
Co- Chair – Student Outreach Committee